Platformer Toolkit is an interactive video essay, from the creator of Game Maker’s Toolkit.

You’ll get to see, first hand, how platformer characters are designed, as you use the toolkit to change and adjust over 30 variables that drive the hero’s movement. 

Change Kit’s max speed, jump height, squash and stretch, coyote time, and more - and then play through a sample level with your chosen stats.


Jump - Space / J or Bottom Face Button or Right Face Button
Open / Close Toolkit - T or Top Face Button
Continue Narration - C or Start Button
Skip Current Line - P or Right Bumper
Toggle Fullscreen / Windowed (Downloadable Only) - F
Quit (Downloadable Only) - Escape


Why doesn't the game load on macOS? 

Please open 'System Preferences', 'Security &; Privacy', and click 'Open Anyway'.


Created by

Mark Brown

Game Art

Additional Code


Programming Help

theChief - Wayfarer Games
Alice Bottino
GMTK Discord

Unity Demo Asset Set-Up



The Noun Project



Sound Effects
Epidemic Sound

Updated 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(743 total ratings)
AuthorGame Maker's Toolkit
GenreEducational, Platformer
Made withUnity
TagsGame Design, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller, Joy-Con
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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Platformer Toolkit - Windows V1.1 34 MB
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Platformer Toolkit - Linux V1.1 48 MB
Character Controller Unity Scripts 11 kB
Unity Asset 1 MB

Development log


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The game is really cool

Making this feel right felt so simple and yet I felt so accomplished getting it to where it felt like the character actually belonged in the environments! I'm just learning how to build games so this really helped me get an idea of all the sorts of things that go into making a game really feel polished!

Rate my build:

Run: speed - 9; acceleration - 40; deceleration - 70; turn speed - 77;

Jump: height - 3.5; duration - 2.5; down gravity - 2; air acceleration - 35; air control - 60; air brake - 70; 

Camera: zoom - 8; damping X - 0.5; damping Y - 1.5; lookahead - 0.5; ignore jumps - on;

Assists: coyote time - 0.1; jump buffer - 0.2; terminal velocity - 20; rounded corners - on.


Can you make this into a Godot addon please?

Silly question, but.... in the demo above, how do I unlock the locks? I can't find the key.

It unlocks as you progress through the video essay(bottom right button)

Sometimes when I hold the arrow keys and do a Double Jump, I can't double jump and fall down on spikes, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Amazing tool btw !!

(1 edit)

This is really helpful for making platformer characters, thanks!

(1 edit)

I noticed that there were presets for Mario, Sonic, Super Meat Boy, and Celeste, but no Mega Man, Kirby, Castlevania, or Ghosts and Goblins?

Please do a Mega Man preset

(1 edit)

The Super Mario preset isn't right.  It doesn't have any jump cutoff set so the variable height jump doesn't work.  Also the max jump is set too low: Mario should jump 5 tiles by default, 6 if he's moving.  Movement affecting jump height is another variable to consider.

I think you should have given Celeste a double-jump, considering how important the air-dash is to the game.

There's an "Instant Movement" checkbox that isn't interactible.

Btw, here's my build:

Running: Max Speed: 8.  Max acceleration, deceleration, turn speed.

Jumping: Jump Height: 5,  Jump Duration: 3, Jump Cutoff: 3, Max air control, air acceleration, air brake.

Camera: Zoom: 5, Ignore Jumps.  I set look-ahead to max and damping to 1 but I could have more look-ahead but the damping cancels it out, but I want more damping because I don't like the quick camera movements when it switches the look-ahead on and off.


:D tht was fun


I went through every part 5 times once with each character setting and 1 for my own, it was very very hard, but fun. if you are curious at first, I thought that sonic would be the hardest (I've never played Celeste) but man was I wrong!


makes you realise plaformers are very hard to make i can not get that jump to work

Correction: Platformers AREN'T hard to make, unless you're looking to make one of a HIGH QUALITY. ;)

(With that said, however, it shouldn't be too difficult to add features like Coyote Time, right?)

(Also, it shouldn't be hard to find a set of platforming settings that would work with your needs, right?)

ya thats what i ment thanks for correcting


Amazing educational tool! Thank you!

fun but i thunk mario is faster than that but it was all fun and helped me understand programming better. thank u

This is super cool. I was hoping to use it for a summer camp style event as an introduction to game making. However I was hoping there would be a way to export the settings that I create in the platformer toolkit for use with the accompanying Unity asset. Is this something that is currently possible or could be added? It's still really informative for how to make a good controlling platformer.


(2 edits) (+1)

hi, how do you tweak the air control, i mean how do you code/implement it, btw this was really interesting thank you


No speed runs of this yet???

Thank you for making it..!! I appreciate it, and I love your YouTube channel..!!


this is awesome! thank you :)

great tutorial and very informative!!

if you click to another panel right after the one he's talking about, you get locked there.

really fun and educating game about game development, I wish I had played this game when I was in my game developer phase :(. But overall enjoyed this game a lot and learned a lot too. thanks for making it so good <3

I used to play this for fun and now it helps me with basic sidescroller movements and is in most of my games that I've tried to mak

This is amazing and very informative. I think it's a great way to illustrate the concepts and to get some hands-on understanding. I hope you'll consider doing more of these on occasion.

(2 edits) (+2)

...I think what this game taught me is I don't actually like platformers like I thought. "Slidey and floaty" seem more to my liking oddly, with the default settings, and my extremes I put didn't slide, but, I sure leaned into floaty pretty hard! Heck, I basically made Kit fly and bypassed the challenges, and going through on the presets didn't quite feel as fun for me.

Is there a term for, like, "anti-platformers" I guess? I put in 19 max speed and 80 for Accel/Decel, max jump height/duration with no downgrav increase, doublejump on, air accel/control/brake all maxed, variable height on, max coyote time/jump buffer and minimum terminal velocity, and I absolutely drenched it in every drop of juice I had, and it was legitimately the most fun "platformer" experience I think I've had, and I've played a lotta sonic and mario games...

Also: No idea what "Jump Cutoff" does, maybe a question circle coulda been nice for it.

(2 edits) (+1)

Jump Cutoff determines the minimum height of your jump if you have the variable height option turned on. The higher it's set, the smaller the minimum jump is (i.e, if you tap the button you'll get a tiny jump).

I tried to set my jump cutoffs so that a simple tap of the button sufficed for most of the jumps and holding the button worked for places the player might want extra height or control.

Edit: I tried your controls, and while I would certainly not make this a character's default jump arc, this is basically what gliding as Knuckles feels like in the Genesis games. But Knuckles can stop gliding to land on platforms... and I think your Kit could use that as well, haha.

(2 edits)

Part of me wants a game where that wouldn't be needed, if that makes any sense. A sorta anti-platformer of sorts, with the opposite of precision. Least, that's what I learned from playing with this.

A game that wants you gliding about on momentum as your regular default state, perhaps where any platforms you'd want to land on are big enough that your "stop gliding" is just faceplanting.

Kind of reminds me of A Hat in Time, especially with the 'gliding everywhere with double jump and fast acceleration'. That's a 3D game though.

Otherwise, I do think you're onto something. In high school I kind of made a similar type of platformer as you described but you're playing as a tiny RC car (hence why you can have slipper momentum and have so much control in your jump). I now want to explore that concept again since you're implying there is a demand for it.

Maybe we can start the trend towards 'vehicle based platformers'.

Maybe, maybe!


...did anyone else feel like the "Doesn't feel right" defaults were actually fun a bit even with the level clearly not built to accommodate?

I feel like default settings Kit could very well have a place in a game built to accommodate the high speed high jump platforming Kit was doing.

max everything in jump, but turn air control and air brake to 0to launch yourself like a catapult, also turn on double jump to still hav some control


Can u make an android port?

There is probably something wrong with coyote time. You can jump when you're way off the edge, but not when you're right on the edge.

One problem: Sometimes the screen can get tinted yellow.


this was super fun!!! it felt great when i made kit feel responsive and clean :) plus coming up with solutions to any issues i found made me feel very smart!!!

my controls:

Max speed: 11
Acceleration: 69
Deceleration: 80
Turn speed: 99
Jump height: 3.6
Gravity: 1.3
Duration: 2.9
Air control: 42
Air acceleration: 38
Air brake: 13
X dampening: 0.2
Y dampening: 1.1
Lookahead: 0.1
Zoom: 9
Coyote time: 0.2
Jump buffer: 0.2
Terminal velocity: 11

(1 edit)

Fun setup that'd hopefully be good for an action platformer?

max speed: 13
accel/deccel: 30
turn speed: 85

jump height: 4.1
down gravity: 1
duration: 3

air accel: 30
air control: 40
air brake: 22 (tbh you could probably stand to set this far higher, to be able to more easily stop in midair just short of an enemy's contact damage hitbox and make melee attacks)

variable height: yes
jump cutoff: 4.1

coyote time: barely above 0, not high enough to show as 0.1
jump buffer: high end of 0.1, just low enough to not show as 0.2
terminal velocity: 15

rounded corners: yes

jump and landing SFX on, GFX set pretty low but not to nothing.
run GFX: 0
Trail: just barely above 0.

(1 edit)

personal favourite settings:

20 accel

6 top speed

40 deccel

65 turn speed

no instant movement

jump height 3

down speed 1.2

duration 3

air accel 25

air control 30

air brake 1

no double jump

no variable height

zoom 6

x damp 0

y damp 1.5

lookahead 0

ignore jumps

coyote time 0.2

jump buffer 0.2

term velocity 15

rounded corners


2 run

3 jump

6 land


1.2 jump

1.1 land

no trail

lean angle 5

lean speed 60

sfx for jumping and landing


It makes me want to make a game but it was too easy



it took me forever to try this, but i'm glad i finally did. if i were to criticize it at all i'd say that i feel it'd be more accurate to say there is a small window of where the settings are set to that would be fun with the level, but that's more of a nitpick than actual constructive criticism.

Deleted post
(1 edit) (+1)

I really love this! It's a pleasure to use. I've wanted to make something similar for our educational toolkit Gamefroot for years but we've never got around to it - as you know there's lots of moving parts! 

But now that we have some inspiration (you beauty) we are porting this interface and all the variables into It's not currently visible or ready to show off but I just wanted to let you know that your work is inspirational and that we will be engaging the next generation of game designer with your thinking and our thinking combined. 

I'd love to chat more about this if you ever have a spare moment :)

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