Platformer Toolkit is an interactive video essay, from the creator of Game Maker’s Toolkit.

You’ll get to see, first hand, how platformer characters are designed, as you use the toolkit to change and adjust over 30 variables that drive the hero’s movement. 

Change Kit’s max speed, jump height, squash and stretch, coyote time, and more - and then play through a sample level with your chosen stats.


Jump - Space / J or Bottom Face Button or Right Face Button
Open / Close Toolkit - T or Top Face Button
Continue Narration - C or Start Button
Skip Current Line - P or Right Bumper
Toggle Fullscreen / Windowed (Downloadable Only) - F
Quit (Downloadable Only) - Escape


Why doesn't the game load on macOS? 

Please open 'System Preferences', 'Security &; Privacy', and click 'Open Anyway'.


Created by

Mark Brown

Game Art

Additional Code


Programming Help

theChief - Wayfarer Games
Alice Bottino
GMTK Discord


The Noun Project



Sound Effects
Epidemic Sound

Updated 7 days ago
Published 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorGame Maker's Toolkit
GenreEducational, Platformer
Made withUnity
TagsGame Design, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller, Joy-Con
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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Platformer Toolkit - Windows V1.1
Platformer Toolkit - Mac V1.1 43 MB
Platformer Toolkit - Linux V1.1 48 MB
Character Controller Unity Scripts 11 kB

Development log


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Is a virus?

There's no download description


it's from gmtk


No it is not. Its from GMTK (Game Makers Toolkit) from Youtube. Try to search for him and he will introduce this game in his video.

Why would it be a Virus?


There's many malweres in


Really interesting and helpful for people like me who are learning to tweak platformers!

this was fun!


I love how turning speed, lookahead and jump to the max creates Canabalt.

Very interesting stuff, would definitely take a course if you were the teacher.

sooo cooool !

very nice! my one suggestion is adding captions to the presets-- i couldn't quite tell which was which apart from mario/celeste!

Mario, Sonic, Celeste, Super Meat Boy

I think I found a bug:

If you set the acceleration and deceleration to very small, the movement is very strange. Moving right and then immediately moving left makes Kit slide, but if you stop completely, and THEN turn left, Kit starts moving immediately. The latter should be how the game always responds, I think.

That isn't a bug, it is a feature. There is a setting called turn speed which controls how fast you turn

(1 edit)

I'm on Trug's side; This feels like a bug, not a useful feature. The turn-time should come from the interaction of acceleration, speed and deceleration, not be a separate number that you have to manually fiddle with when you change the others. (Although as a tool for learning game-development skills, maybe this is a secret lesson in itself. :)

very good:







100/10 game, would recommend to family and friends. hopefully, there will be a sequel!


This is a really good game, but the scroll bar is a tad bit too slow; Anyways thanks os much I know know a thing or a million about platforming :D

(1 edit)

This game shows the fundamentals of player movmement amazingly. Well done, love your videos. Thanks for this amazing game.

This was really cool. My only recommendation: the scroll bar (under Juice and Settings) moved really slowly when using the scroll wheel.

when will you make this for mobile?

You can play it on mobile through the browser if you have a gamepad connected to your smartphone/tablet.

(1 edit)

Great start. One thing that should be added (whether to this toolkit or to someone else who makes one) is a way to tie different variables together. For instance, the ability to make a slider to increase the run speed and trail length together, or landing squash and gravity together.

Here is a good article on this idea, in more general software tools.


Absolutely amazing! It really exercised my game designing chops, and by the end I almost wanted a notebook to take down tweaks and changes I would make were I designing the game. However, to serve its purpose as an educational tool, I wouldn't change one iota.

One thing I thought was really interesting is that my initial assumption was that the fastest, snappiest controls would feel the best, but I ended up going with controls that were fairly constrained to find that balance between feeling good as well as challenging.

Amazing tool. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this. Will be using this with our game design students.

wait... is possible to make a puzzle which you need right control to complete a level?


Theoretically, yes, but high-control characters would be able to complete any level a low-control character with the same physics could.  For example, there's no elegant way to make predetermined jump arcs (like "Ghouls and Goblins") necessary, even though they can greatly enhance a game.

(1 edit) (+2)

maybe a point system? high speed, high jump, high control, and double jump etc cost point, and you only have finite point... etc

btw im not a good puzzle maker, so im not making game lol, just talking

because even high control is already overpowered, i think everyone will add doublejump if it give you for free

and there will be some medal, cost medal need low cost, speedrun medal is fast enough, maybe.

That's a good solution!  I think as a teaching tool it would take special handling to keep it from getting lost in the weeds, but framing it as determining how much power in what ability is "necessary" could be a place to start.

this was fun


Super Mark Brown Maker when?

Hopefully after the magnet game, we don't want to overload Mark.

Thank you so much for your game! Learned how hard it is to tweak a nice movement :(

first time learning about platformers

This is cool! Thank for game!


Very cool! I just don't know how I managed to get myself stuck in a wall


What a fantastic demo! This had a lot of really great insights and I loved how interactive it is.

I would love more options to control the vertical movement of the camera. I was trying to play with a more zoomed in camera, but there wasn't an easy way for the camera to do a "Look-ahead" up and down.

I think having the *zoom* also change like lookahead would be really good - the speed of a platformer would be even more pronounced! :)


Very nice demo!. I learned a lot.

Just some opinions:

- the air acceleration, control and brake toggles (on the jumping tab) are not explained at all, not on the voice-over, nor with a (?) icon.

- the speed toggle in the Lean section in Juice tab, is not clear either. I found out it is the speed at which the character leans as it runs, but is not intuitive. Plus, I think it has a bug, because if you change direction immediately, the character also leans immediately, instead of leaning back and forward again (at such given speed).

- some preset icons are not clear. I'm guessing mushroom is mario, Strawberry is celeste, bandaid is meatboy, but the circle is sonic? it is not clear at all, and I only figured them out because you mentioned on the voice-over, but they should have labels or something.

Also, it is NOT shown anywhere if you have chosen a preset other than instantly changing the toggles. It should show an icon as an indicator of "current preset" or something.

And as an extra, I attempted to use a Dual Shock 4 controller, but at least on the browser, it didn't get detected (I use DS4windows). I could try downloading the 'game' instead of just in browser, but it should work there regardless.

Awesome tool

Amazing resource! I learned new things, thank you for this!

As a new gamedev -this game really helped me to understand how the controls of the player are one of the most important things in game for it's success.


My only major critiques are that the presets at the end don't feel remotely close. You can see hints of it, but it's definitely not there. And the jump in general feels like it eats inputs a lot, especially with the double jump. The jump buffer does what it's supposed to do, but I feel like it's the bug eating the inputs.

Criticism aside, this is amazing!


Hey, there's a Turn Speed slider now! Great addition.

One more note for others reading: "Coyote Time" isn't just to be nicer to the player, it also acts as compensation for input delay. There's always some delay between the player pressing buttons and the result showing up on their screen - if their TV or monitor is poorly set up or if the game is poorly programmed, it can be north of 100 milliseconds. As a result, it's very possible for a player to say "That's BS, I totally pressed the jump button before running off the cliff," and be right because their image was delayed from the game's logic. Coyote time helps compensate for that.

My controls weren't that far off from Super Meat Boy. It's amazing how there are many different schemes that each can work quite well while being so different!

I made Canabalt, and was very happy

I think it would be amazing making this an open-source project...

I hope Mark considers this possibility...

if you go to download you can dowload the 5 codes :D

by the way, if you add the code "characterMovement" to your game pls tell me how you solve the error about this thing called "movementLimiter" (13 line) because i can´t :(

(1 edit) (-4)

You have an intuitive design here, stop talking, just let me mess around with it

You can skip the audio with P if you like.


Planning on publishing the code for this?


Awesome, as always!
If I can speak accessibility-wise, you are lacking localization :)

As a French sofware engineer, I want to offer my service for French translation, if you are interested!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks and congrats for this awesome ludo-learning tool!


Hello, is a linux version coming too? The game works well with wine but a native version would be really appreciated.

Ask and ye shall receive I guess, a Linux build came out hours after you asked


this is really cool

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