Unity Asset Now Available!

You can now play around with the character controller seen in Platformer Toolkit, in Unity itself. 

Big thanks to adamb1234 who took the full game and stripped out everything except the character code. 

From Adam: "This demo package provides access to the scripts that power Kit in the Toolkit, a demo scene to test Kit out inside Unity, and the presets from the Toolkit to experiment with different settings (as well as add your own!)"


1 - Create a new Unity 2020.3.30f1 project using the 2D Core template

2 - Drag the package into Unity

3 - Import the package

4 - Import the additional Unity packages required for functionality


Unity Asset 1 MB
72 days ago

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Super excited for this!  Watched the video but haven't played with this yet. Will be rectified shortly!


Happy to have helped 😁

can you add this to the unity asset store? so it is very easy to add to my projects?