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Hey there!

These are playable demos of Untitled Magnet Game, as seen in my YouTube series, Developing. You can follow my development progress by trying out the game in various states of development.

The different versions are shown in different episodes

Did I complete my 30 day game making challenge? (Developing 4) - Version 1.2

The stuff no one tells you about game development (Developing 7) - Version 2.0

Don't make this assumption about your players (Developing 10) - Version 3.0, 4.0, 4.1

Thanks for playing!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
AuthorGame Maker's Toolkit
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsXbox controller, Playstation controller


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UMG 4.1 (GDC Build) - Windows Version 40 MB
UMG 4.1 (GDC Build) - Mac Version 48 MB
UMG 4.0 (Pre GDC Build) - Windows Version 38 MB
UMG 4.0 (Pre GDC Build) - Mac Version 47 MB
UMG 3.0 (Jan 2023) - Windows Version 49 MB
UMG 3.0 (Jan 2023) - Mac Version 57 MB
Untitled Magnet Game V2.0 (Windows) 32 MB
Untitled Magnet Game V2.0 (Mac) 41 MB
Magnet Game V1.2 - Windows Version 38 MB
Magnet Game V1.2 - Mac Version 47 MB


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bad game doesn't even have a title. smh my head.  😔 jk

hi, when i ran the game (UMG 4.1 (GDC Build) - Mac Version) in my mac os catalina (i dont have metal,i have opengl)  i got segmentation fault error in terminal and game not run.

Great game, took note of 3 suggestions for you (v4.1)

  • The restart button turns blue forever after you restart any level once. Seems like a bug.
  • When my character dies, there is no sound at all. Seems like you missed adding an audio source for it.
  • In the second-to last level, there is no indication that the propeller can be used to throw objects . It's a good puzzle but maybe you can add an intermediate level where the player is forced to discover this interaction by accident.
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Honestly, I've never felt smarter playing a puzzle game, I took some notes to give you but I didn't find many issues.

The biggest one I had was that certain mechanics weren't fully explained and a couple levels felt like they were even throwing multiple at you at once.

Also, theres one thing i took note of and its that the speed the arrows for the magnets all travel at the same speed despite the speed being different.

And personally, I feel like theres a lot of opportunity for fun parkour with the magnet if you expanded the movement a little bit.

Some the puzzles were a little confusing and sometime I wasn't entirely sure if I was doing the solution right, but I always felt a rush of dopamine when I finished your levels they were all really made well.

I feel like I'd love to see this magnent society or why there's so many of them or who they are or why our robots running.

If this was a fully fleshed out title I could imagine some antagonist creature chasing you as you use parkour and puzzles to run away.

Overall, this game was really smart and fun and struck a great balance of being a brain teaser without much a headache. I can't wait to see how the rest of the game develops because at the end of the game when I saw the thanks for playing I sat there just wanting for more.

Played it, finished it,  liked it. When robot talks to magnet his avatar could change to same smiles as shows in dialog.


Cool game but it froze while I was talking to the magnet guy


nice but puzzle where we first time use magnet to fly was difficult to solve since game never told that we can do it.

how do you do it? i just quit the game

Jumping doesn't work


Would you consider a version for Linux?






also since its made in unity i guess it wont be hard to export for linux


use wine for running .exe files on linux


A very good demo! Please if you could add a level editor.


call it Magnorbius 2

Bug report in newest demo : You can break the game entirely by spamming both left click and E in the dialog section. The game will stop taking any input and I could´nt restart, main menu or anything other than altf4 


Would love a demo that works on Linux if possible (.deb specifically) without a bunch of hassle with WINE settings and whatever. I think it just requires one extra button press in the unity build settings, unless your game is some weird edge case that breaks on Linux.

Yeah i though thatc gmtk will post linux version

he may need to download the entire linux support tho

Just finished the latest version and had a great time playing it ^^!
Can't wait to see your progress! 

I really enjoyed the latest version. I will say that it didn't run super well on my laptop (which isn't very high-end). Having settings to reduce visual quality and increase performance would be great

above all was really hard, the solution was not obvious or intuitive but great game so far.

i dont like the puzzles that require the player to be technical


(2 edits)

I like the demo as a whole, but here's my general thoughts/ideas:

  • Remove (or mostly remove) the need to reset the whole level on player error
    • Gets very annoying very fast when just trying to get a good idea of what to do by screwing around with stuff
  • Increase the speed of lifts
    • Also gets very annoying when paired with the resetting issue as it takes a lot longer to get back to where you were. Even just adjusting the acceleration of the lift would be nice.
  • Increase jump height
    • I know this could screw up some stuff, but honestly, the jumping just feels really unsatisfying to me. Not that it's a big deal, just a nitpick I guess.
  • Add the ability to move while throwing
    • Also could screw up some stuff, but this one feels like a more important thing to feel good than jumping, as having to cancel, move, cancel, and move again to line something up can be annoying
  • Increase the magnets' friction on the ground when thrown
  • On the magnet flinging level, it might be a good idea to make it more obvious that you aren't supposed to throw the magnet from the top platform by hand
  • I don't see why throwing the magnet is locked to certain angles? It feels really clunky and hard to aim.
  • I think increasing the vertical throwing height might help a little bit in terms of controlling the magnet, as it feels really heavy right now and just doesn't feel right to me.
  • Not a game-breaking issue, but I generally like to keep my controller plugged in when I play other games, but when I booted this demo, it wouldn't let me select anything via kbm and was really jittery until I unplugged it. 
    • To fix this, you should just be able to set an option for kbm, controller, or maybe even auto-swapping in the settings. Auto-swapping could be done by just checking which one input something last and then using the methods for that scheme. Adding onto the first point, though, it might be a good idea to auto-assign it to kbm if you don't add auto-swapping.
  • And this is my last one, but I hope whenever this does come out that you go a lot more in-depth into applications of the mechanics. Some games don't do that very well, but these have a lot of potential and could be really cool when put together.

I think that's my main gripes about this, although I'm sure I've missed a few lol. Mainly just controls and tactility which (to be fair) I am generally more picky about than other people. But it's probably better for me to say all of that now before this game gets a lot bigger level-wise and harder to change when it comes to controls due to 'cheesability'. 

But yeah! Cool game and cool concepts, and I look forward to playing it when it comes out!

Edit: I watched literally the next two seconds of the video after I paused it and you said you weren't taking more feedback. But I guess if you ever change your mind on it, then I guess here it is? Sorry lol

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Dear Mark,

I just tried both 4.0 and 4.1. The game is turning out great.

I wanted to give you some feedback about the new puzzles in 4.1. They are much better than the previous ones.

The puzzles in 4.0 were indeed harder, but because of how close and how mechanically precise they were made, there were many times in the demo where I felt that I had "barely made it", almost as if I was cheating the system instead of simply getting that "aha!" moment you talked about in the video.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I believe you should keep going in this direction of focusing more on the puzzle mechanics and less on the platforming/execution part of the game. Making the right moves and leaving the way permanently open results in a much stronger "aha" moment in my humble opinion, it feels more like you did something right and less like you were just lucky.

Finally, here are a few specific suggestions and observations i have:

  • The retry icon seems to be bugged. It doesn't reset to white after you restart for the first time.
  • Maybe the bow should be a fixed third color? I've seen at least one user here on itch.io getting confused by the fact that it also changes colors.
  • Mapping the Polarity Swap to F feels a little weird. Maybe it should be S/Down since that button isnt used for movement anyways? That's how I mapped it and it felt smoother.

Much love and excited to play the next version!

Is there a save/load system or no?

Aw heck yeah I just played 4.1 and it finally gave me some of those "Aha!" moments everyone talks about :)

While I'm still not a fan of being able to get stuck and having to restart the whole level, this time around it felt a lot more like it was my fault for getting stuck, which made the whole experience a lot less frustrating. It will be interesting to see how that keeps up when the puzzles get more complicated.

It was fun to have two magnets to work with, but I'm a little surprised that they aren't attracted to each other (although if they're supposed to be siblings I guess it's better that they aren't)

One final thing I noticed, the music, sound effects, improved graphics, and even the little conversation at the beginning really made it feel 1000x more professional. I guess it's true what they say about presentation.

This has been really inspirational to watch the development of. As a fellow game designer, I'll be sure to take notes.

I just wanted to say that i support the idea of Max and Ribbon being brothers as a justification of why they dont attract to each other! It really works with the game's humor.

Also, the remaining future magnets could also be explained as cousins or other family members! It would be a funny little recurring joke.

A game that inspired me as a game developer

great game! although, still after nearly half an hour i still don't know how to beat over and above.

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I tried out the GDC v4.1,

feel good,but there are several problems:

1.      I can understand not being able to move when I raise the magnet to throw, but it's hard to accept the feeling

2.      Related to the first one, when using the controller, aiming when throwing  operate in the same way as moving (using the left stick), the aiming arc is not very precise, and the right stick has no role in the game

3.      I don't know if the way I solved the puzzle of "SPIN CITY" is correct, I put it in this video, 【无名磁铁试玩(GDC v4.1)——GMTK】,42:18, if the way I solved the puzzle is correct, then this distance is too extreme, and it will feel better to add jumping when adding aim

4. There is also "THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD", i had be stucked ,you can see that in my vedio at 23:35,无名磁铁试玩(GDC v4.1)——GMTK .   In addition, I feel my way through this level is not quite right. The bounce of the magnet is difficult to control, and if it causes a restart, it will feel bad.

ps: I don't know whether it is because of the game or my computer, the video footage recorded by obs will become more and more stuck, the play is normal, and it will be fixed by re-enter the level after finishing the level, you can verify this in my video link above

pps:my english is poor ,i used tranlater tool,hope you can understand.   if you cant,just leave words in here


3. SPOILERS for the level OVER AND ABOVE:

You have to place the magnet on top of the clear box, on the left side of the propeller. When you jump down, this will launch the magnet to the other switch.

I loved the 4.1 version's puzzles a lot (except maybe Elevator Action but I was just taking too long to figure it out). They all were challenging but eventually you can figure it out. So cool

Mark, it's time to add some juice.


A few points:
Magnets attract to matching colors should probably be the default option, I was very confused wondering why it wasn't working until I realized it was the bow that matches without that option

The Toggle Aim Mode On/Off should work differently (or at least have a separate option). It should make it so that you hold B for aim mode and throw by releasing B (X could be used to cancel).


as that's not how magnets work, i strongly disagree


Yeah magnets work on the basis that opposite polarities attract


The bow is actually only there for decoration. Magnets attract opposites so your point makes no sense.

Maybe you'll feel a little better when the accessibility options of havint a + and a - are implemented and toggled on?

Very cool! Crashed on mac after restarting, but other than that it was really fun and worked flawlessly!

the restart button is bugged that it stays blue after i restart the level. if not intended for some reason.

It seems that its just the animation that's stuck. If you hold the restart button it still works.

yeah i know, but a bug is a bug no matter what

I liked it!

Version: Windows 4.1

Graphics, game feel, puzzle elements and the euphoric solution moments were awesome and I can't wait for more!

Some feedback:

Going Up: It wasn't very clear what was going on with the different colors. After completing the demo, I understand the difference between the object and "platform" polarity colors, but at the time it was confusing seeing the 3 different lever colors not match up with the color of the platforms.

Hold This: Maybe I was just dumb because I can't recreate it, but I couldn't figure out how to jump off at the top of the pully. I also don't fully understand the difference between the doors and the pipes as goals.

It Takes Two: I loved this level, but it felt like a bit of a difficulty jump. Probably fine as it wasn't too challenging.

(Forget the name, before Middle of the Road): Wish there was a little more time between the platforms to flip the switch

Above All: This was by far the toughest stage. I assume my solution was correct as I couldn't figure out another one, but having to quickly grab the magnet as it travelled up on the block, then throw the magnet to the other platform was not obvious to me at all. The fact that it was a bit tedious to restart the level made it more of a slog than fun.

It Takes Three (Part 1): Great introduction to the polarity mechanic, but I'm not sure the F key is the best one since later on it becomes difficult to fluidly move and change polarity at the same time.

It Takes Three (Part 2): I'm almost certain my solution was incorrect since it didn't use the button, but I basically floated over by swapping polarities. Also feel like the lock and key would feel better if the lock explosion happened when I touched the lock.

Parabolic: This one stumped me for awhile to the point I almost gave up, but not sure it needs to change as it was so satisfying when I figured it out.

Over and Above: Not sure I figured out the correct solution, just found the perfect angle to throw the magnet from the propeller. Couldn't find out any other way to do it.

Look out Below: Great level, 10/10

same with it takes three part 2, though i liked the mechanic

Itìs a really good game!! I love the graphic style and the puzzles are so clever!

I like the unique mechanic. I don't know if anyone has pointed that out yet but if the player throws their magnet upwards and jumps at the same time, they get an extra height boost, allowing them to skip the puzzle in level 7 for example

This was a lot of fun, but I can't solve level 6 which makes me angry

I found a small bug. When you are in the level select area and hold ctrl for a couple seconds the reset button grows in the screen. It seems that you have hidden the restart button above the screen and becose you press the ctrl key the grow animation start. But becose you can not reset the level selection level it grows so big that it comes in your screen. Not a very big isue but a little bug. 

I liked the puzzels.

Overall, the demo was well done.  Small bugs that I noticed were the following.  There are pluses in the "tractor beam" despite the symbol on the emitter being a minus.  Pushing left control to restart would only work some of the time, the symbol in the upper left would always pulse to indicate that I had pushed it but it didn't always restart the level.   Small things I noticed that I felt could use some improvement: Under some circumstances the magnet is ripped out of your hands (such as when using the doors that flip back and forth), but under other circumstances (such as the tractor beam) it isn't.   It feels odd that the magnet just falls through the gray bars, I understood that it did after a minute, but it wasn't intuitive that such a mundane looking object would have unique properties.  Other than this the only complaints that I would have are that overall the solutions to the puzzles are relatively easy to find, it didn't take me more than a couple minutes to figure out any of them.  The only level I have a real complaint about is the last level.  I figured out the solution to it very quickly but the (Spoilers after here) timing window on switching the polarity was too tight and so I ended up just jumping back and forth across that tiny gap for like 30 minutes while I tried to get the magnet to land in the right spot.  It was also frustrating that any time where I missed that tiny jump I had to restart the level in order to get the magnet back since it was sitting where it had landed on the other side and there was no way to get back up without it.  It's true that it doesn't take long to get back to where you need to be to solve the puzzle but it still added that little bit of frustration where I had to go through the flip gate again and push the switch again.  Okay, I just looked up someone else's playthrough and I might have found an unintended solution?  In that case I would request that the solution I found either be made easier or made obviously impossible.  When I found my solution it was immediately clear and obvious that it would work to solve the puzzle, however it is much more difficult in execution than what I assume is the intended way.  When you find a solution to a puzzle, even if it is a difficult solution to execute, you are likely to continue to attempt that solution and stop looking for a new one, because for all you know that is the only solution.  The solution that I found to the final puzzle was to flip the switch on the right side of the room, then to stand on the middle platform and throw the magnet with a positive polarity into the tractor beam.  Once the magnet had enough upward velocity then I would switch the polarity back to negative and it would be flung onto the switch on the right side of the room.  There would then be just enough time to jump across the gap and make it under the crusher block while the big negative block was falling.  If this is a valid/intended solution or if you want it to be then you should make the timing window for the magnet landing on the switch bigger, this could be accomplished in a number of ways, such as moving the switch closer or increasing the height of the ceiling above the switch so that there are less timing windows where the magnet crashes into it and then falls straight down.  If you don't want this to be a valid solution then add a wall or something jutting down from the ceiling that prevents the magnet from being thrown across (something that makes it obvious that switching polarity to fling the magnet across is not the correct solution).  It was very frustrating to just keep throwing the magnet over and over and have it miss landing on the switch by a pixel or two.  The most frustrating moments in Portal for me were the ones where I understood the solution to the puzzle quickly but then lacked the mechanical skill to do it for an extended period of time afterwards.

Medals for everyone!!


This game puzzles are good but after completing a puzzle I have to go to the hub again and that is very frustrating.

I don't know if now is the time to think about that, but I felt poorly rewarded, I do understand that I should have felt great about passing each puzzle, but I felt like the struggle to solve them was not meaningful enough, all that was waiting for me was another of those puzzles.

(Don't take me wrong the puzzles are great and I know that this game is a puzzle game)

But maybe we could receive something more to direct our conquests, like powers that we can buy with the keys or something else. which can give me another objective than just going over puzzles.

I really liked the game, but I didn't feel like I could keep playing a lot more of those puzzles one after the other just because I want to challenge myself (maybe I should consider that its not really my type of game)

Hello, I just got into indie game development and so I started watching your channel. First of all, thanks for the helpful content! I am quite new to all of this, but I saw, that I can test your game and so I did. And I just discovered this one minor bug and it is that if you use the fullscreen shortcut on windows (alt + enter), the button allowing you to enter fullscreen doesn't detect the change and if you click it is then saying the reverse of what it should. Hope that this was helpful! :)

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I honestly think place holder sounds would go a long way too making this demo more enjoyable ..The concept is great and the puzzles are fun and interesting . But it just feels kind of lifeless without any sound .Even the most basic sounds will make this feel a lot better.

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