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Awesome tool

Amazing resource! I learned new things, thank you for this!

As a new gamedev -this game really helped me to understand how the controls of the player are one of the most important things in game for it's success.


My only major critiques are that the presets at the end don't feel remotely close. You can see hints of it, but it's definitely not there. And the jump in general feels like it eats inputs a lot, especially with the double jump. The jump buffer does what it's supposed to do, but I feel like it's the bug eating the inputs.

Criticism aside, this is amazing!


Hey, there's a Turn Speed slider now! Great addition.

One more note for others reading: "Coyote Time" isn't just to be nicer to the player, it also acts as compensation for input delay. There's always some delay between the player pressing buttons and the result showing up on their screen - if their TV or monitor is poorly set up or if the game is poorly programmed, it can be north of 100 milliseconds. As a result, it's very possible for a player to say "That's BS, I totally pressed the jump button before running off the cliff," and be right because their image was delayed from the game's logic. Coyote time helps compensate for that.


My controls weren't that far off from Super Meat Boy. It's amazing how there are many different schemes that each can work quite well while being so different!


I made Canabalt, and was very happy

I think it would be amazing making this an open-source project...

I hope Mark considers this possibility...

if you go to download you can dowload the 5 codes :D

by the way, if you add the code "characterMovement" to your game pls tell me how you solve the error about this thing called "movementLimiter" (13 line) because i can´t :(

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You have an intuitive design here, stop talking, just let me mess around with it

You can skip the audio with P if you like.


Planning on publishing the code for this?


Awesome, as always!
If I can speak accessibility-wise, you are lacking localization :)

As a French sofware engineer, I want to offer my service for French translation, if you are interested!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks and congrats for this awesome ludo-learning tool!


Hello, is a linux version coming too? The game works well with wine but a native version would be really appreciated.

Ask and ye shall receive I guess, a Linux build came out hours after you asked


this is really cool


Wow, i'm impressed. This tool is amazing for learning and understanding how a game works !

Fantastic !


Hey, I'm a gamedev teacher from Argentina and will definitely use this in class! (Here are my students' games.) Do you have any localization plans for this? As in, if you had a JSON file or Poedit or project that I would happily translate into Spanish, would you consider integrating that into the build?


Great work! I would love to play even more of these. Maybe about balancing a simple cardgame, leveldesign or making a shooter feel good. A lot of your videos could be turned into something like this. With a little more polish (like better soundeffects or being able to close the game^^) you could even sell them for a few bucks and maybe get some help, so you can do this alongside your normal videos. I would buy it!


Really cool! One bug I found on windows, if you are on fullscreen and in the "playable" part, not the menu, there's no way to exit the game other than Alt+F4, at least not that I have found. Great work!

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I had a lot of fun getting to directly toy with video game physics in this miniature experiment of yours. There's a lot of potential here to expand on what this demo already offers, so I have some ideas of my own to offer.

1. Give more advanced movement mechanics to work with, such as air dashes, ledge grabs, ground slides, jet boots, and more.

2. More movement presets from games that you covered before, as well as some suggestions of my own like the Fancy Pants Adventure series, Phoenotopia: Awakening, AdventNEON, and UNITRES Dreams.

3. A level editor that allows sloped and curved geometry in addition to regular flat surfaces for more level design possibilities.

4. Physics based objects like crates and ropes that the character can interact with.

5. Variable movement speed with the analog stick to allow for subtle adjustments when doing tight platforming challenges.

I'm sure that more concepts can be offered, but this is sufficient enough for me. I look forward to this neat gadget being the Mario Maker of indie games. Perhaps you can even upload it to Newgrounds if the site interests you.

I agree that these would make the toy/tool a lot better, but it does seem like he built a game engine that starts you off with a game. If that's right, then it would take a while to implement much of these.

This might be a faster way to get there: if there was a way to bridge Platformer Toolkit to Unity and show the underlying code, it would let us reverse engineer his process and add more useful features in a shorter amount of time.


This is really cool! My main complaint is that your deceleration/air brake stats seem to be the only things that have any influence on slowing down and holding the opposite direction feels like it has no effect until Kit decelerates on her own. This makes jumps using the Meatboy presets feel really weird and much less precise than they are in the actual Meatboy game.

Other than that there were a few "juice" sliders, namely the two for squash & stretch, that wished I could set to be less than 1 but still more than 0 since once they hit 1 the effect was already a little on the strong side imo. There's also a couple other aspects of the various mechanics that would have been nice to be able tweak, but at that point you'd be expanding the scope of this project and honestly those are more nitpicks than actual criticism.

That aside, it's really nice to be able to get hands on with mechanics like this without having to learn Unity, GameMaker or Godot to do it.

Fantastic idea and even better execution Mark! Hope to see more "Toolkits" like this in the future as it fits very well with your theme and is overall really fun and engaging


All the concepts at play are explained in a understandable way and operate as one may expect to see in a game engine. Great mechanical tutorial. Slowing the time scale to 0.3 creates some cool vaporwave.

This was really fun! Also I felt like the UI design (including the sound design) was pretty familiar, maybe inspired by Mii Channel on the Wii?


There's a bug with double jump making it inconsistent and unreliable. Felt so bad that it was best to just turn it off.

One way I found to trigger this inconsistency was to jump with a single jump head first into a platform above, then land. When you next jump you can't do the seconde jump until you land gain. 

Also just dropping off a ledge doesn't seem to allow the mid-air jump a double jump would normally allow.

Finally a quick suggestion, it'd be nice to be able to adjust the jump acceleration and float time in addition to the fall gravity. Default acceleration/float time felt a bit floaty for my tastes.

But overall a fun little tool to play with and get a feel for the type of platformer control I'd implement if I were to make such a game. So good job.

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Nice demonstration. One thing I think was missing was the difference between "coasting" to a stop by just releasing your movement direction, and "skidding" to a stop by actively pressing the opposite direction. You can have a more naturalistic default deceleration if the player can choose to pivot on a dime if they need to, plus that animation is a great time to go hard with particle effects.

Also, when I've implemented lookahead, I've included a constant based on the direction the character is facing as well as incorporating their velocity as appears to be done here. Purely velocity-based lookahead ends up interacting with camera smoothing in a way that more-or-less cancels everything out IMO.

wow love your work man


That's so cool dude. You are the best!!


Really eye-opening!

It's weird: when I was incrementally tweaking the controls, I had in mind an idea of a sprite with careful, Mario-like controls. But in the end I found that I'd created something in which the gameplay was a case of pressing forward and learning the jump timing, which was actually quite fun, just not in the way I thought.

I'd be super interested to be able to test this in a play area with some verticality. Apart from anything else that'd really show the difference terminal velocity would make.

Thanks for developing this. :)


Thanks for great toolkit!
Hope after that practice it help our platformer feel better!


is there a place where I can learn how these mechanics are coded? like how the variables are used

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Hey, is there a way to set it to fullscreen on the web version? I’m using Linux and there doesn’t seem to be a downloadable version for it here. I’ll try to run the Windows version then

edit: I was able to run the Windows version on Linux using WINE, it worked perfectly. Not only was I able to finish it, but I also learned a lot about platformers!


Great lesson!

While I have no plans on making a 2d platformer anytime soon, this was still really insightful to see everything that goes into even the littlest things like a character controller

Awesome lesson !

Please release a native Linux version! 

this is fuuun, thanks! 


Now this game gives me an idea for another game, where you *actually* have to adjust your character's stats to proceed.

Good instructional material! Thanks for sharing this, Mark!

I wonder what the speedruns will be like (sub 1 any% ?)

Really fun and informative. There's a game design (well, coding in scratch, point still stands) camp near me and I'm probably going to send them this game, it's a really useful tool for learning why a jump is more than it seems!

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wdym by any%? I got a 44 second time where timing starts from clicking the start button and ends when the red flag appears, and I found this cool glitch that makes you jump really high but it's hard to execute, TAS of this game would be insane lol.

Basically: speed to max, instant movement, all sliders to max in jump and double jump. Spam P to skip all text. Also, be in the toolbox mode the entire time because it makes you invincible

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i want make my running curve first half as a quarter circle to make my favorite game physic, but i can't.

it like, it have a light speed to speed up, you can get faster forever but you can't reach the light speed, and slow down is normal

my english is bad, hope you get it

also, a way to build custom level for testing will be cool

idk maybe speed=sqrt(-time_key_pressed^2+some_random_constant)

i mean, i want make that things in the game lol

yeah then set your speed to that

I dont think you can make any curves in the game

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That was fun! I made an interesting character and it worked, (barely) but it was fun.

On the Running page, I set the nobs to 30, 10 (or 14 for harder movement), 70, Turn Speed 99.

On the Jumping page, I set the nobs to 3.1, about 3.5 and 2 gravity, Air Acceleration 10, Air Control 20, Air Break 15, Jump Cutoff 4.

On the Camera page, I set the camera to about 8, X-axis to 1.5, Y-axis, 2, and 0.2, with Ignore jumps On

On the Assists page, I set Coyote time to about 0.17, Jump Buffer to about 0.135, and the Terminal Velocity was 14, and the Rounded Corners was On.

On the Juice page, I set the Run to 3, Jump to 5.1, Land 40,                                 Jump 1, Land 1.17, Trail less than 1,                                                                              Angle -7, Speed 60, Landing sound effect On

With this set up, it is hard to get the last spring jump, but it is fun to try.

Another set up is the same as before except:

On the Running page, Speed 14, Turn Speed 1.

On the Jumping page, Air Acceleration 1, Air Control 8, Air Break 1, Jump Cutoff 5

On the Assist page, Rounded Corners Off.

sounds very good. i would put the speed to 14. I think it feels better ^^

Definitely an improvement on my Platformer's Toolkit! Well done!

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