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This was fun AF and surprisingly informative. Thanks for the experience!


This is incredible, thank you for making this

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A have an nice idea! Make a game jam with theme like "make your game" or something like this.

Awesome game! Thank you so much for playing!

Amazing project! But the game has so many comments that it would probably be better with an discussion forum/topic structure. Right now the scrollbar is tiny due to all of the comments!


It would make suggestions for a PF-TK 2.0 much easier to organize, so I'm all for it.


It's actually kind of easy, although not really fun, to beat this with the default settings!

Any ideas on how to make similar sliders with changeable form?


Here are the settings I came with for my character movement:


Acceleration & Deceleration: 70

Max Speed: 15

Turn Speed: 70

Instant Movement: Off


Jump Height: 5

Down Gravity: 1

Duration: 3

Air Acceleration, Control, & Brake: 50

Double Jump: Off

Variable Height: On

Jump Cutoff: 3


Zoom: 9

X and Y Dampening: 0.1

Lookahead: 0.1

Ignore Jumps: Off


Coyote Time & Jump Buffer: 0

Terminal Velocity: 20

Rounded Corners: On



*Run & Jump: 1

*Land: 5

Squash and Stretch

*Jump & Land: 1

Trail: 0.1


*Angle: 3

*Speed: 20

Sound Effects

*Jump & Land: On

I want to hear your thoughts on how my character controls work, so feel free to give your critique.


It feel pretty good, i almost finish the game without dying but without the assist (coyote time/jump buffer) sometime it was hard and feel unfair… maybe you could add them. Also, you didnt write the TurnSpeed; the default value doesnt feel good, the character seems to be on ice, but only if it’s turning… that’s feel weird. I think 20 (a little sliding) or 40 (a brief stop) would be great. For the rest it’s very good character, pleasant to play. Good work.

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Amazing game. Aside from the whole "make a platformer but easy mode" thing I found this really fun to mess around with. Customizing my preferred controls was fun, especially with juice, but cranking everything to the maximum or minimum is fun too. And playing through the whole course as the platformer gods themselves is great.

Thing I thought of while playing as Madeline: a "one level, multiple characters" game would fit really well in a jam, and even one of your older jams (2019 I believe) had a amazing winner with a similar concept. Maybe "one level" could be your next jam theme! I know I would have fun playing a bunch of games in that style. I'm sure you'll think of something better in time lol but it would be cool


Excellent work!  Right now I am working with my students making VR games, but if I (or they) decide to make a 2D platformer I will be sure to send them here and try this wonderful game/essay out.

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When i saw the Youtube Video i was like, meh i dont need this, but now i see the possibilitys one has. Its so amazing and i now wanna play around with movement of my players in unity more in detail.

I hope this makes me Quit Tutorials Hehe


Loved the game. It was interesting to see how my controls compared to other games.  

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cranked literally everything up and it was pure chaos

this is so fun


If you see this you cannot fail/die if you have the development tabs open, just to let you know. Guessing it was a bug


Nope, that's intentional! I didn't want players to have to think about challenges and traps while editing the game.

There is the issue that I can't play with modified Time scale. It is only active when toolkit is open. Is this also intentional?

side effect of not dying: you can stand on the saws in the last segment which has some really funny side effects


very good game. my sister loved it, she played it for over 20 mins playing around with controls in the toolkit. easy to understand 


This was fun and then it was so weird when I was playing and I thought "Ugh this character is too slow" and I was like "Wait I can just change that right now" lol it was so weird how I was limiting myself and making myself mad hahaha

This is amazing. Good job!

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My build

Acceleration: 11

Max speed: 8

Deceleration: 76

Air acceleration: 6

Air control: 80

Air brake: 23

Jump height: 4.5

Down gravity: 8.8

[Jump] Duration: 4

Zoom: 9

Ignore jumps?: YES

Lookahead: 0.1

Jump buffer: 0

Coyote time: 0

Terminal velocity: 1

Rounded corners?: NO

Screen shake?: OFF


Run: 10

Jump: 20

Land: 50


Jump: 1.8

Land: 1.8


Length: 10


Angle: 5

Speed: 60


Jumping: ON

Landing: ON

Have a comment for the algorithm, if such a thing applies here


Why is there an instant movement checkbox that does nothing and cannot be ticked

That was fun thanks :)

I've always liked bhopping and breaking the character's animation so I maxed out the jump buffer stat to support the timing.

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this is first multiplayer of all time in games





Considering this is meant for learning, I would expect the full source code to be available as well. Any reason it’s not?

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Please make 32-bit version for windows! I would love to play this game video essay!


Nice game because, i feel in control...


I see my self as quite bad with platformer controls and I'm making a platformer alone! This was a true lifesaver to me. Keep it up

Was really fun, and there was a lot more game mechanics to just movement than I thought

The spring mechanic is infuriating. I just could not figure out how they worked. I had to just cheese my way past the spikes.


increase air acceleration in the jump menu


this game is so cool.


Interesting! I ended up with something very close to Celeste for running, but with a little less acceleration! Close to it, too for running.


hey, i  see everyone saying how good this is, but i kinda cant play it, she doesnt move jump, or do anything in the browser version for me, only things that work are the mouse controled ones, can anyone help me?


use either the arrow keys, or the wasd keys to move. space bar to jump. make sure the last thing you clicked was in the game too

OOOOHHHH i forgot to click, thanks man!

OOOOHHHH i forgot to click, thanks man!



I'm a teacher and this will definitely be in my next year's class at some point!

You call it essay but this is actually a master class! Congratulations and keep doing them! I'm sure you can find other themes to add to the collection!

Thank you for this amazing assets!


so dang good


Very cool


video game essay


i adore this


Incredible idea


Mark, this is amazing! It's an increadiblet tool to have. Thank you and the team for this.

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